Latin Names and Straight Pins

from Famous People Marry Famous People by 20 Minute Loop



This is the first 20ML track that I have sung on, with good reason. Adam, Kelly, Lisa, and I gathered around a mic and la-la-la'd, then I doubled Greg's vocal bit in the fade...

The end came about when trying to come up with a fade out that was interesting to us... a little experiment.

Nils pretty much makes this song succeed with his la-la vocal styling in two separate sections. (Incidentally, "Lisa" is Nilsy's lovely, foul-mouthed wife.) The ending came about with some experimentation Kelly and I indulged in, having wrested the hard drive from Nils for a day or two. I thought I was just putting down an idea using my voice, that would eventually wind up as a keyboard or something, but it became the ending. It's rather naked and difficult for me to listen to now, even though I think it works pretty well.


Are they doomed
Are they really doomed?

We'd make one hell of a show!

Sometimes they bite...
(no easy task to catch them, creeping under ground)

(with Latin names and straight pins.
Gathering dust under my bed)

La la la
I don't wanna know!

Entre vous, entre...

Bereft of all I hold dear...

Do I exist (unless you're hovering here, lording over me?)

Maybe your Christian sensibility will stay your hand and keep my heart still

La la la
I don't wanna know!

Oh, I'm a good man!
I'm a just man!
I'm a real man!


from Famous People Marry Famous People, released July 11, 2008
Lisa Erickson, Adam Cunha, and Nils sing background vocals on this one. Andrew Diamond played a Hammond Organ too.


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20 Minute Loop San Francisco, California

Original music for the hook-hungry mob, the nervous foot, the jaded indie-phile.

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