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from 20 Minute Loop by 20 Minute Loop



God, this is another old nutcracker! I think I performed it with a violinist at coffee houses in the early '90s, back when I had a cult following... me. A ritual abuse cult. It was terrifying. A few songs on this album, with their half step chord arrangements, seem to be inspired by the Pixies. This is one of them. I haven't played at coffee houses in a long time, so things might have changed since then, but when I did my thing there, I was usually the lone, chemically untroubled musician among singer/songwriters who were like troubadors extolling the virtues of Narcotics Anonymous. It was a big fucking drag. What's worse, no one seemed to pay any attention to me, but they were absolutely fucking mesmerized whenever another musician in the line-up sang moving ballads of survival beyond the tedious journey of drug abuse. Is there anything more boring than drug addiction? There was a time when I discovered that several of my friends had been using heroin; I felt surrounded by total boredom. Fortunately, they all quit and became interesting people again.


How will we come back?
Come back, come back

Burn down all the forest,
it's not half of what we need
I'd give it up, but it's enough
to let it burn and bleed

I disconnect it slowly
and I let out all the air
You can't divide your peace of mind
if it was never there

They're pushing back the children
and they're sending out the cops
I'd give it up but it's enough
To burn...


from 20 Minute Loop, released August 21, 1999
Lyrics: Atkins
Music: Giles/Atkins


all rights reserved



20 Minute Loop San Francisco, California

Original music for the hook-hungry mob, the nervous foot, the jaded indie-phile.


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