20 Minute Loop

by 20 Minute Loop



Debut album, released by Fortune Records

Fortune picked this up--like a penny on the sidewalk crusted with hardened chewing gum--long after we had our official release; in fact, I think it was when we were recording Decline of Day that Jim became interested. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Jim Greer. No one had to sleep with him (even though he's a hottie)--it was great. He just liked what he heard and decided to help us. This happens, like, never (in the voice of Tori Spelling).

The mysterious "Cannonball" helped us lay out the design of this album, patched together from laminated airline emergency cards I acquired from my brother's future husband (yay, California!), who, at the time, worked for a commercial airline. I also have a small collection of airline disaster books, and some of the chart imagery comes from the technical art in those books, manipulated enough to avoid copyright infringement (we hope). Because airline disasters are a slightly curious motif for an album cover, we tried to approach the sensitive subject from the vaguely anxious, oddly sterile side as opposed to the graphic grisly side that would offend virtually everyone who has ever found themselves in slight turbulence at cruising altitude. But, as I say in my notes to "Aeroflot," I can't deny my fascination. Now Kelly says disdainfully, "I'm so over the plane crash thing." I love that as a non sequitur; so much so, that I put her protest on a show flyer: at the top, "Is a Starry Plough an airplane?"; at the bottom, "Kelly says: 'I'm so over the plane crash thing.'" Well... I'm sorry to report: I'm not over the plane crash thing. Or the fruit bat thing. Or the Universal horror movie thing.

(The Starry Plough is a club in Berkeley, by the way.)

So, returning to my favorite subject, Judah Nagler (see notes to Decline of Day) designed a beautiful vertically oriented sticker of a stylized commercial jumbo jet plummeting to earth, but we had these printed just before 9/11. They're my favorite 20ML stickers, but they went over like a turd in the punch bowl at the time. I think "sick fucker" is what comes to most people's minds when I allude to my interest. But I also enjoy reading George Eliot novels! And I like swimming naked in mountain lakes!


released August 21, 1999

Greg Giles- Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Kelly Atkins- Vocals and Keyboard
Joe Ostrowski- Electric Guitar
James Costello Kingsbury- Bass
Tai Kenning- Drums and Percussion

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Chris Manning
Recorded and Mixed at Owl Mountain Recoding in Inverness, California
Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California
CD Design and Layout: Cannonball

Dedicated to George and Ilda Giles


all rights reserved



20 Minute Loop San Francisco, California

Original music for the hook-hungry mob, the nervous foot, the jaded indie-phile.

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Track Name: She Hated Dogs
On the way to work
And another route around
She figured a way to work it out
But still it managed to let her down
It took a pirate, a gun, a trap
A pile of nails to cut the crap

For a dollar and a half
She found her way around the track
She piled the pelts, discarded the fat
And threw the rest atop the scrap
She tripped alarms, she left a trail
She tried escape to no avail

Forced my way through the door
She hated dogs, aerosol, folding chairs

A diagram and a book
Is all she needed, all it took
A bit of strength, a sharper hook
A way to force herself to look
She watched it shiver, she watched it shake
She kept the nausea at bay

Her terrible master plan
Was nothing in her hands
It sacked out, it made her tired
She laid it down, she built the fire
She ceased to care, she won't return
She fucked it up, she let it burn

Can't decide if there's more
She hated dogs, aerosol, folding chairs, slot machines
Marbles and corn
Geraniums, highways and porn

The final step
Some said was wrong
But now... she hated dogs
Track Name: Everybody Out
If it breaks down, guess it's my fault
Lock me inside, turn out the lights
I feel so lost left with the crowd
You've got some nerve throwing me out

The closer I get the smaller you seem
You don't have shit if you lose me
I can't back down if you pull that
Don't you walk away, don't you walk away

If it's not right, if there's no time
get them out fast, I want them alive
You can't go back if I break down
Don't you walk away, don't you walk away

Sort it out quick, you can't take both
As much as you hold, much as you hold
Forty-odd dead, looks like we're next
Everybody out

If it don't stop...
Track Name: Face Like a Horse
Veronica's car is like a disease
Her hand on the stick
She's parked behind the trees
That circle the house
Where her sister was born
October the fourth

A husband and wife
With six hundred kids
Dissolved in a glass
Fingers clutching at her lips
Slicked up with the lime
You could pour on a corpse
With a face like a horse

Their love is like cake
Cut four hundred ways
Four hundred and one
Bite down and salivate
The sugar is strong
Never mind how it tastes
Smear it over you face

Face like a horse
(it's no one's fault)
Wants a divorce
That really hurts
Stuck in reverse

Soup kitchen face
(it's all or nothing)
Latex and lace
Freaked out and sharp
Four months in hell

Don't hang up the phone
Turn out all the lights
And lay back in bed
Concentrate on my voice
I'm telling you lies
You'll never forgive
I'm telling you lies
Track Name: Aeroflot
Rippled up steps form depths
Never guessed at and less than
A crippled blind chess set
Sunk in a living room floor.

Children on the headset,
Daddy, can I fly the jet?
Am I old enough to test it
With defective hands,
Young and soft and crabbed.
The spoilers smack the air and drag.
The constellations dip and sag.
We didn't want to land...

Off the roof,
Off the roof.
We can fly in the right state of mind.
Strap on wings,
Let her go,
Let her go.

We can fly, we can fly, we can fly...

Shattered knees,
Broken head,
Left for dead.
Cannot read DFDR, CVR.
Her tongue won't move,
All is lost,

We can fly, we can fly, we can fly...

On the right, left, follow left, fall left,
Follow left, follow...
Track Name: Up On The Hill
You're on your own now
You wanna fight about it?
You're next to nothing now
It's all they write about

And forgive, forget
Which one you askin'
Forgive, forget
Which one you askin' for?

Up on the hill
You wanna fight about it?
You wanna watch me now?
Track Name: Disconnect
How will we come back?
Come back, come back

Burn down all the forest,
it's not half of what we need
I'd give it up, but it's enough
to let it burn and bleed

I disconnect it slowly
and I let out all the air
You can't divide your peace of mind
if it was never there

They're pushing back the children
and they're sending out the cops
I'd give it up but it's enough
To burn...
Track Name: You Know So Much
It's much too late
Put him to bed
I'll break his neck

Come on, come on...

Who stands in the way
of all the trouble you have caused?

Old men sow the seeds of revolution once again

You know so much.
You know so much.
You know so much.
Track Name: Bunnyman and Chickengirl
Bunnyman and Chickengirl,
Will meet and fall madly in love,
They'll have lots of children that they will devour because they lack human restraint.

Masturbate! Don't fornicate!
These things we do are not real. They don't divine fortunes, they don't defeat crime, they might explode in your mind.

(Repeat first verse.)
Track Name: Hookworm
I am vermiform,
I am so pasty white,
On my face are platehooks,
I just want to share.

Once I dig right in,
It's hard to get me out,
You often have to cut me,
Cut me from myself.

If I make it through you,
If I get in to this
Ancylostomiasistic love affair
If I make it through you...
Track Name: All My Friends/Drowning
It's easy
No one seems to notice
Believe me
No one wants to know this

Don't bother
You don't need to force me
It's over
Let me out I'm freezing

All my friends
Once in a million

Don't worry
You don't have to answer
I'm sorry
Pull yourself together

You lost it
When you pushed me over
Forget it
I'm not worth the trouble

All my friends
Once in a million


They will say I went too easy
Lost and under arms of lazy

Forcing fleets of sleeping out
Craving air your selfish mouth

I am slipping down
I am lifted out

Forget me, we don't know what
Rest my dear, we don't know what

Oh, it's over
Oh, it's easy

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